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Company news
SMEC and China Merchants Bank Shaoxing Branch Sign a Coopera

SMEC and China Merchants Bank Shaoxing Branch Sign a
Cooperation Agreement

On April 8th, 2020, Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (ShaoXing) Corporation (SMEC) and China Merchants Bank Shaoxing Branch signed a Cooperation Agreement.

The two parties aim to strengthen cooperation between banks and enterprises, jointly promote the transformation of SMEC and the integrated circuit industry in Shaoxing, and carry out comprehensive, wide-ranging and deep-level strategic cooperation.
The two sides announced that based on the good cooperation foundation in the past, they will closely cooperate in the fields of credit granting, payment settlement, foreign exchange management, payroll agency services, personal financial services, and establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership.

At present, SMEC has obtained the 2.4 billion credit line approved by China Merchants Bank. The acquisition of this credit provides a strong impetus for SMEC to fully achieve its business goals.

At the same time, China Merchants Bank also provides wages paying services for SMEC. Regarding SMEC's employees as high-quality customers, the Bank will provide convenient and fast personal consumer credit services as well as certain interest rate discounts on personal housing, automobiles and etc. Qualified employees will enjoy priority and exclusive services from the Bank, which is only provided to its VIP customers.

By signing a strategic agreement with China Merchants Bank, SMEC will establish a more sustainable and stable cooperative relationship with China Merchants Bank on a wider range and on a higher platform, and jointly open a new chapter of development to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, which will promote the successful transformation of the integrated circuit industry in Shaoxing, and drive the local economy to develop better and faster.