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Ensure Epidemic Prevention and Control, Maintain Normal Oper
"Please line up and take temperature." On the morning of February 18, at the gate of SMEC, the staff took the temperature measurement for the staff who were entering the working area. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SMEC has formed a special epidemic prevention group in an effective and systematic way to prevent and control the epidemic.
It is understood that during the Spring Festival, SMEC did not stop production. The production line has been in full load and stable operation, and customer orders have not been affected by the epidemic. "On January 20, 2020, we launched various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and retained 75% of our employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot." Zhao Qi, General Manager of SMEC said that after implementing the meticulous work of each employee, at present, 94% of the company's employees are at work, and another 4% of the employees are in the isolation observation period after returning to their posts, only less than 2% of the non-local employees are not required to return to their posts.
(Employees Wearing Masks)
It is worth mentioning that SMEC has divided nearly 1000 employees into "high, medium and low" epidemic risk levels one by one. In the past 14 days, those who have contact history with people coming from Hubei or have travel history through Hubei are classified as "high risk"; those who have taken airtight public transport such as high-speed rail or plane in the past 14 days are classified as "medium risk"; those who have no contact history, travel history in epidemic area or take airtight public transport in the past 14 days are classified as "low risk". According to different grades, the measures of isolation in place, isolation in dormitory, routine temperature measurement and wearing masks are adopted respectively.

(Floors1-3 of staff dormitory are "medium risk" staff isolation observation area) 
“We require all staff to take their temperature and wear masks before entering the factory. " Zhao Qi said that the company also arranged the canteen for everyone to eat in the same direction, avoiding face-to-face dining. Measures such as daily disinfection of the workplace, temperature monitoring of the whole staff and strict control of all external personnel shall be implemented to reduce the risk to zero and "zero infection" shall be maintained to the end.

(Staff Canteen)
On February 17, Provincial Governor Yuan Jiajun visited SMEC, where he had a detailed understanding of the company's production and epidemic prevention, fully affirmed the strict management, effective prevention and control, and stable production and operation of the company, and hoped that the company would make further efforts to become the leader of Zhejiang integrated circuit manufacturing industry.

At the same time, all employees of SMEC are also concerned about the local epidemic prevention situation in Shaoxing. In order to support the local epidemic prevention and control in Shaoxing, the company organized employees to carry out a donation for fighting against COVID-19. The company's employees responded positively and donated enthusiastically, raising a total of 500,000 yuan, which was quickly donated to Shaoxing Charity Federation.