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Company news
Employees of SMEC donated 500,000 Yuan to Help Epidemic Prev

Pull Together, Come Together, Work Together

                                                         --Employees of SMEC donated 500,000 Yuan to Help Epidemic Prevention and Control in Shaoxing

      Since the establishment in March 2018, Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (ShaoXing) Corporation (SMEC) has been supported and concerned by two levels of government and all sectors of society in Shaoxing and Yuecheng District. The company's project construction is progressing smoothly, and the risk volume production has been realized one quarter in advance on Nov.16th, 2019.

      Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SMEC has paid close attention to the development of the epidemic. SMEC has set up an epidemic prevention team headed by management team, and began to carry out systematic epidemic prevention and control before the Spring Festival, including requiring employees to celebrate the New Year at home and investigating all employees ’contact history and travel history. All the work is going on in order, such as daily disinfection in the workplace, all personnel temperature monitoring, and external personnel management, etc. At the same time, all employees of SMEC are also concerned about the local epidemic prevention situation. In order to support Shaoxing's local epidemic prevention and control and help Shaoxing to win the battle with COVID-19, SMEC organized a "unite together and help each other" donation activity. Employees of SMEC responded positively, donated enthusiastically, and raised a total of RMB 500,000.

      On January 31st, 2020, Chairman Ding Guoxing and General Manager Zhao Qi, on behalf of the company's employees, donated 500,000 yuan to the Shaoxing City Charity Federation to help the epidemic prevention and control in Shaoxing, and take practical actions with the people of Shaoxing City to work together to overcome COVID-19.