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Company news
The Main Project Completion Ceremony of SMEC’s MEMS and Powe

The Main Project Completion Ceremony of SMEC’s MEMS and Power Device Chips Manufacturing and Packaging Production Base was held on the morning of June 19th. Mr. Ma Weiguang, Secretary of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, attended the ceremony. Mr. Sun Zhejun - Deputy Mayor of Shaoxing Municipal Government, Mr. Yuan Jian - Deputy Secretary of Yuecheng District Party Committee and Mayor of Yuecheng District Government, Mr. Zheng Hua- Deputy Mayor of Yuecheng District Government, Mr. Gao Yonggang - Executive Director of Board and CFO of SMIC, Mr. Ding Guoxing - Chairman of the Board of SMEC, Mr. Zhao Qi - General Manager of SMEC also attended the ceremony. Located in Gaobu Town, Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City, this production base project is one of the Provincial Key Construction Projects as well as the Provincial Major Industrial Projects. The project has been invested for 5.88 billion yuan in the first phase, covering the land of 207.6 mu and the total construction area of 146,000 square meters. Introducing a production line of the output of annual 510,000 pieces for 8-inch specialized integrated circuit manufacturing, as well as another module packaging testing production line of the output of annual 1.995 billion pieces. The production lines will focus on micro-electronics and power devices, facing on applications of sensing, connection and power, providing the foundry services from specialized integrated circuit chips to system integration module, realizing the differentiated complementary and coordinated development of the industrial chain with SMIC. Finally, it is the company’s goal to become a domestic leading and world class semiconductor foundry enterprise.

The agreement of the project for joint venture cooperation was signed on March 1, 2018. It started constructing on May 18, 2018 and finished the main part of the construction on June.19th, 2019. At present, the project is implementing the installation of power equipment. It is planned to move in the process equipment in the middle and late August, and realize the mass production of main products in March 2020. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 4.5 billion yuan and quickly occupy the leading position in the domestic market.
The implementation of the project will deeply attract the upstream and downstream enterprises of the integrated circuit industry chain to settle down in Shaoxing, further gather and cultivate high-tech talents, drive the employment of tens of thousands of people, and effectively promote the rapid development of Shaoxing integrated circuit industry.